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It seems that this latest season of the hit series was hit or miss with a lot of viewers, and some critics, too. But what did *I* think of it? With the airing of the final episode (and my subsequent viewing thereof), I was satisfied. I’d been entertained, and the series wrapped things up in a way that didn’t leave me feel cheated. Can I really ask for any more than that? I’d say no, considering that not every season of the show can claim those achievements. I’m still not sure where 1984 will end up ranking on my list of favorite seasons. Closer to the top than the bottom, though. This one was just fun. Superficial, yes, but fun. After CULT, I’ll gladly settle for some superficial fun. I didn’t turn off the TV set begrudging the time I had wasted on the whole thing, the way I did with CULT. It may have been a step down from last season, though, APOCALYPSE, which was also superficial and fun but might have been a tad more fun in the long run.

As a child of the glorious 80s, was I satisfied with the way 1984 captured the spirit of the decade? To that I must answer, meh. It sure wasn’t STRANGER THINGS. I never felt transported back in time. And in no way could 1984 have ever lived up to the slasher movies that inspired it, despite the fact that those movies were themselves superficial during the decade in which they were released. Still, as an homage, as a parody, 1984 did okay.

If only Jason could have put in one tiny cameo. If only.

TheCheezman • November 25, 2019

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