Remember Bree Tanner? Find out More About Her!

Oooh! I’m so excited! Stephenie Meyer has just announced that she is going to be releasing a new book on June 5, 2010! One reason I’m so excited is because that is so, so soon. But another reason is because this book, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, focuses of course, on Bree Tanner. Twilight fans first met Bree in Eclipse, when she was part of the newborn vampire army that Victoria was creating. Bree had a very short life in the book, but this new book will look at the life of Bree as a newborn vampire, and the journey that all of the newborn vamps took in the book to lead them to their final destination.

The book isn’t really a sequel to the Twilight saga, it sounds like it’s more of a spin-off. And Stephenie says that it’s not really even a book – it’s a novella, or rather “her version of a short story.” Stephenie started writing the book while she was rereading and editing Eclipse and Twilight hadn’t even been released yet. Stephenie once said, after Breaking Dawn was published, that she didn’t plan on adding any more books to the sequel because she felt that she “needed to be alone with the story and the characters.” And what better way to do that than by writing about Bree Tanner?

While we all met Bree in the book, I doubt that many of us gave her more than a second thought. And even then, it was most likely that she just needed to be killed and destroyed so that our heroes and heroines, the Cullens could be kept safe. But from the sounds of it, this book will give us a softer look at Bree, who she is and what she’s really all about. Doesn’t sound bad to me at all! I’m super excited about this book and can’t wait to get my hot little hands on it!

One dollar from every sale of the book will be donated to the American Red Cross (quite fitting, isn’t it?) And, because the book will be out before Eclipse is released, we’ll all learn a little bit more about Bree before we head off to the theaters, and know a little bit more about her background, and find out more about the journey of the newborn vampires! Too cool!

– Kate


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    1. Hi Grace,
      She was the newborn vampire that was created by Victoria to be part of the vampire army that was out for the Cullens. Edward and/or Jacob (I’m not exactly sure which one) captured her and she sat around their camp for a little while. If I remember correctly, they were trying to get information about Victoria out of her. But it’s been awhile since I read Eclipse too so I’m a little fuzzy on the details. In Eclipse, she was never given a last name, she just went by “Bree.” And she eventually was killed, again if I remember right. But the title makes sense for that too.

    2. I read the book The short second life of Bree Tanner,and I can tell you that you will be surprised by the end of the book, super, Steph is a queen!

  3. hi everyone.if i am not mistaken then bree was the last of the new born vampires left after victoria was defeated.edward even tried to save her by requesting the volturi to spare her life.he wanted to teach her their vegetarian way of life but the volturi refused and killed her.

  4. hii,
    when i read the book elipes i was really hart brocken when bree was killed. i can wait to read bree’s story and excited she can tell her story.
    i speak to the actress (jodelle ferland) on twetter before she got the part of bree, well i kinda did not know she was fames lol it was a big shock =]

  5. yeah, i can’t wait for the series.
    U r all right.
    I have read the series over 13 times….15, i think.

    Anyways, i am super excited.
    Who isn’t?
    And as for Stephanie Meyer not writing any more twilight series, i was really looking forward to midnight sun coming out, and think that her fans should rebel to get it! I would join them!

  6. i think that it would be really great if Stephanie Meyer write a book from a volturi point of viwe, like jane or alec maybe even aro.
    as they are seen kinda like the bad side of the book’s.

  7. IM SOOOO GETTING MINE TOMORROW! i really cant wait. i reckon that steph should write from so many people like jacob or whatever or aro.. bla bla. BTw kim how old r u that u didn’t know how to spell lots of stuff??

  8. OMG!! I was just watching twilight again and guess what? I SAW THE VAMPIRES EATING STUFF! In some cafetiria scenes one of the cullens were eating! on one of them, i think when edward wasn’t at school aand bella looks over to them, and rosalie is eating something like a carrot. In another scene, edward is at school, playing with his food, the camera goes close to him when he chucks a piece of food onto his tray, in the background you can see emmet chewing!!!! I mean, what the hell? vampires dont eat. And in the book, bella said they never ate anything. they did something WROOONGGG!!!!!!!!

    1. no they did not do anything wrong (even in the book twilight it is explained)
      they hae to pretent to be “normal” at school so they eat.
      Edward even tells bella about it and eats a piece of pizza to show her he says he has to
      choke it up later so they can eat but not digest it.

  9. OHHH, this is an american website, i can see cause it says its the 5th june around 8:00 but i dotn live in america and its 11:00 in the morning 6th june!

  10. Just finished the second short life of Bree Tanner, I really liked it. It answerd alot of guestions I had and I could not put it down but I wish it was midnight sun instead. We have been waiting for so long. I do understand why she put it aside for awhile. But with her putting out this book gives me hope and I know that she is thinking about twilight so I hope the next book will be midnight sun !

    1. She has said that this is the last Twilight book she will ever write, sorry :( But maybe she’ll change her mind

  11. a friend let me read the book about bree and let me tell you it one good book. i like that she had liked a guy named diago that to bad that he had died because it really seem like she was starting to fall in love with him. but if i was her i would have knew that diago was die when he did come back with riley so i would have left with fred..

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