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In so many ways, there is this clear demarcation line between the 80s and the 90s. And it isn’t just in my perceptions, either. True, the 80s were the decade of my childhood and the 90s my first decade of “adulthood,” so there would have been a change in my perceptions, yes. But everything did change, too, as, I suppose, it always does from one decade to the next. Music changed. Fashion changed. And nowhere was the change more noticeable than in the world of animation. Cartoons like TRANSFORMERS, G.I JOE, and THUNDERCATS gave way to programs like PEPPER ANN, RECESS, and BRAND NEW DOUG. Gawd, I hated the 90s. The change wasn’t immediate, though. It took a little while for the 90s to take over. There were cartoons like PIRATES OF DARK WATER and GARGOYLES that held on to the quality in animation and storytelling of the previous decade. GARGOYLES in particular held on with tenacity, not going off the air until 1996. The creator of GARGOYLES is clamoring for a revival. I’m all down with that. But what I would really like to see is a live-action movie based on the series. (There’s a rumor Jordan Peele is interested in doing one. Here’s hoping!)

I loved the premise of GARGOYLES. The titular creatures were turned to stone by a curse, a curse that could only be broken when the castle upon which they perched rose “above the clouds.” This happened when a billionaire bought the castle and stuck it on top of his skyscraper penthouse, thus freeing the Gargoyles.

TheCheezman • November 24, 2019

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