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Remembering Luke Perry

Man, what a bummer. The guy was so young. Luke Perry passed away today at the far-too-early age of 52 after suffering a stroke last week. While he will always be remembered as Dylan from BEVERLY HILLS 90210, to those of us in the geek sphere he will always be Pike from the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER movie. The sad thing about typecasting is that so many of those so afflicted, forever synonymous with a role that, with the passage of time, has become, let us say, taken less than seriously, actually *can* act. Luke Perry is a perfect example of that. He may have been typecast as a 90s teen heartthrob, but he was a talented actor.

More than a gifted performer, though, he seems to have been a good and kind person. Though I never met him, one can get a good read on a person by paying attention to the things that others have to say about him. I’ve never read or heard anyone say anything negative about Luke Perry. Much the opposite. A lot of people loved the guy. A lot.

Godspeed, Luke. We will miss you.

TheCheezman • March 5, 2019

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