Reports out of Russia: Vampires are REAL

News stations all across Russia have been abuzz with reports of what appear to be vampire sightings. Not just one or two sightings but as many as two hundred reports have been made by Russian citizens claiming to have either been attacked by or to have witnessed the attack on others by what can only be described as vampires.

According to eyewitness reports the attackers, pale skinned beings with sharp pointed fangs who appear to be wearing remnants of what many claimed looked to be burial clothing, had been seen in several different Russian cities. One witness had said that before last night he would never have thought such creatures could exist but now he shall be spending the remainder of his days sleeping with a crucifix under his pillow.

Russian hospitals have reported over one hundred citizens have been admitted with neck injuries across the country, at least ten of them have already died. It is not known if these attackers are indeed vampires or if they might be people suffering from something with a more medical explanation such as rabies. Either way the people of Russia are frightened and many of them are refusing to leave their homes. The streets of Saint Petersburg remain empty as many business have not been opened.

To make things worse several blood banks in and around the Saint Petersburg area have reported break ins with the theft of almost the entire Saint Petersburg blood supply. This of course cold not come at a worse time given the fact that so many people being admitted to hospital are in dire need of blood transfusions. Blood banks and hospitals around Russia are pleading for citizens to brave the vampire threat and please make donations. The Red Cross has already issued an emergency alert and blood donations from around the world are already headed to Russia.

More on the Russian Vampire Attack can be found HERE


By Cult Hero

is a vampire junkie whose obsession has gone so far as to cause the writing of Chris's first novel the as yet unpublished Servants of the Night. Aside from writing for Vampires.Com and Werewolves.Com Chris also showcases personal works of poetry, prose and photography on the website and can be found lurking around Twitter at!/CultHero.


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  5. Although it may have been offensive to some Vampires out there, and I wouldn’t want them to be offended, all in all I found this story to be quite amusing.

    1. Haha!
      I live in Saint-Petersburg also))
      Вот пишут же про Россию всякую чепуху))сперва принял за правду, а потом смотрю – первоапрельская шутка)

  6. this is sssoooooooooooooo nooooooooooottttttttttt tttttttttrrrrrrrrrue cos ifthey wer the victims should be vampires now its probably just a rumour

    lol cute april fools joke lol

    -lavigne, secret place

  7. This makes alot of sense with the vampire books I’ve read. I know those are fiction but it explains the idea of many of the vampires coming from Russia. I know many people don’t belive in vampires but I stay open minded about this topic because to me anything is possible

  8. Now I see that it ts an April fools Joke. I seriously belived that. I thought it was good info but now I’m left to go reasurch again. It did add to my pattern though.

  9. Sara, yes, we do have plenty of legends about vampires(upyr). But they are not human, they are demons or corpses possessed by them. And they prefered sex to blood leaving their victims exhausted or dead (oh, how sweet:)

  10. ….omg..really?????is that true…how pain it is…yuckkkk…the bite of the vampire in the neck…its ok to me if the vampire who bite my neck is handsome..jajajaj..^_^ yummy right???

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