Revealing New Vampire Diaries Cast Photos and the Significance of Blood-sharing

I bet when you read “revealing photos” in the title your mind went to a very naughty place. Haha. I am afraid I didn’t mean it in a sexy way, but in a spoiler-filled way. At first glance these new Vampire Diaries photos just look like cool shots of the cast, but a closer look reveals much more about the characters this season (particularly Jeremy). On top of awesome new pictures, we also have some dish on this season via executive producer Julie Plec, including the meaning behind blood-sharing (remember Elena feeding on Damon and Stefan getting pissed?). Check out what Plec had to say and see the photos below (pay attention to Jeremy’s).

Plec on why Elena feeding on Damon was a big deal:
“That’s a little bit of a shout-out to the books, but also just to vampire folklore in general. If you look at any of it metaphorically, it’s a very intimate exchange of bodily fluids. So you can read into that what you will,” she says. The interviewer then asked if it was like vampire sex. “Well, it’s like vampire naked cuddling,” Plec says, laughing. And does it have side effects? “No,” she says. “Elena doesn’t know what she’s doing, but Damon damn well knows what she’s doing. That’s really Stefan’s point: It meant something to him, which means it means something to me.”

The meaning of Connor’s tattoo, which only Jeremy can see:
“We will know what that tattoo is and what it means by the end of episode 4,” she says.

How it will go when Elena goes back to school:
“Not well,” Plec says. “We have a little bit of fun in that episode in that we get to play that Mean Girl bully thing that we don’t do very often, really because we don’t spend much time in high school in this show at all. We get to embrace the social politics of high school. Elena’s just a roller coaster of anger, and hostility, and compassion, and sadness. Watching Rebekah push her buttons to the extreme drives Elena to a pretty dark place.”

Klaus and Rebekah return:
“Their relationship will be nonexistent. She is mad at him, and he is mad at her. So she moves out, and the first thing that she does is try to throw a party at her new place even though she’s about the most unpopular girl in school at this point, at least certainly from where our heroes are concerned,” she says. “Meanwhile Klaus, who was perfectly willing to pack his bags and leave town for good, finds a reason that he has to stick around in Mystic Falls, and he’s glad he did, because by the end of the episode, everything changes for him.”

Hayley the werewolf who helped Tyler through the ordeal of breaking his sire-bond to Klaus and her role in Caroline and Tyler’s relationship:
“The expression of glee that Klaus gets on his face when he realizes that Tyler might have been holding this as a secret from Caroline is priceless,” Plec says. “Klaus is up to no good for a good portion of this season. He’s not on his best behavior. But watching him try to drive a wedge between Caroline and Tyler with just the control of gossip is actually superfun. Of course, Tyler is gonna have to try to take back that power and save his relationship and convince Caroline that she can still trust him.”

Lots of drama on the way! Now for the photos!

Did you see the tattoos on Jeremy? Just like Connor’s! Hmmm…

What do you think about the pictures and what Plec had to say?

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


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