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Review: THE ALIENIST Episode 2

Random thoughts: The characterizations, as near as I can recall–it’s been some time since I read the novel by Caleb Carr that inspired this series–are spot-on, in particular Kreizler’s and John’s. Visually, it’s sumptuous. The costumes and the sets are impeccable. The period atmosphere is the best I’ve seen since PENNY DREADFUL was prematurely yanked from the airwaves. As far as characters go, I’m not sure which is my favorite. Both John and Kreizler have their strengths and their weaknesses, the things about them that make them likable and the things that make them unlikable.

I never found Dakota Fanning particularly fetching elsewhere, but she’s sure entrancing here. Beautiful and brassy. And I love the Isaacson brothers. I keep wondering when we’re going to see Eat-Em-Up Jack McManus in this series. IMDB says that actor Rocci Williams is playing him in episode 7. As I recall from the book, Paul Kelly was seldom if ever seen without Eat-Em-Up Jack in his company, so it’s safe to say at this point that the character will have a smaller part than in the novel. Will he be as integral to the resolution of the plot as he is in the book?

The fact that some commoner critics are hatin’ on this show just serves to underscore my assertion that commoner critics are not qualified to judge genre work.

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TheCheezman • February 2, 2018

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