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KILD-TV won the award for best feature film at this past weekend’s LEGLESS CORPSE FILM FESTIVAL in Alabama, and deservedly so. It’s a superb effort, with a clever storyline and good acting. Remember those wacky old late night TV Horror movie hosts, of which Elvira is the most famous? Add to that august company one Dr. Perseco, whose show is interrupted when the television station is taken over by a killer who is bumping off staff members one at a time, while the crew pleads for viewers to call for help; they can’t call themselves, because the phone lines have been cut. They’re locked inside the station, the crappy movie they’re showing can’t be shut off because the only person who knew how to operate the “new system” was the first one murdered, and the crew can only broadcast during the commercial breaks, begging the folks at home to call the cops. None of them do, as they think the whole thing is just part of the show. It’s a blast. I loved it.

The film’s director, William Collins, was on hand for the showing. I had the chance to talk to him at length, and I’ll be sharing this impromptu interview in an upcoming article. Or, if you read them out of order, you may have already read that one by the time you get around to this one. It doesn’t matter. You’ll figure it all out. The gist is this: KILD-TV is a great movie. You need to watch it.


TheCheezman • May 8, 2016

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