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We didn’t get a lot of vampire action at the LEGLESS CORPSE FILM FRESTIVAL, which I attended this past weekend at the Somerville Playhouse in Alabama (and which you already know if you’ve read any of my other articles this week, but, at the risk of repetition, I must assume there are some readers who have not and provide a proper introduction). That’s probably a good thing, as I would much rather have NO vampire offerings than to have BAD vampire offerings. The genre is clichéd enough as it is, don’t you think? I would have simply walked out of any such fare as THE FORSAKEN. (Remember that one? If you don’t, count yourselves lucky. I still have a little of the stench of it in my nostrils.)

The festival did provide some wraith-like, phantasmal spooks, though, that qualify in a spectral sense for mention here. Among the latter is the threatening entity of WHISPER, a gorgeously-shot short film focusing on a young woman holed-up in a seaside cabin as she battles her drug addiction. Such a struggle depicted accurately onscreen would be harrowing enough, but there’s SOMETHING out in the water, something out to get her. Does it succeed? You don’t really want me to spoil it for you, do you?

TheCheezman • May 6, 2016

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