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Review: Little Bite Vampire Detective Vol. 1

A long while back I did a review of the digital version of the comic Little Bite Vampire Detective, and well, it wasn’t all that good. At the time, the digital version was only a few short pages and the format didn’t work very well on my Kindle. But, I now have the gorgeous printed version of the entire first volume in my hands, and I’ve got to a say, it makes for a world of difference.

Written and illustrated by Bryan Golden, Little Bite Vampire Detective tells the tale of Novi, the most beautiful kid vampire in the Vampire Kingdom. Unfortunately, she is also the most brash and boastful. So when her spirited nature gets her into trouble with the King and Queen, she is punished by having her powerful magical bat wings taken away. In order to get them back and be restored to her full power, Novi must solve a series of mysteries for the Vampire Kingdom, each one more dire than the next. While geared towards children, this is definitely a comic that can be enjoyed by any age.

First off, the printed version of this comic is gorgeous! I have never read a comic so bright and colorful before. The combination of fantastic artwork and brilliant colors makes this a wonderful and visually appealing comic. Honestly, my inner child wanted to jump inside this comic book world of prettiness and play and frolic.

As for the story, it is a sweet and silly tale of adventure and friendship. With the good message and all of the hilarious and adorable moments, this is sure to please both parents and kiddies. It was a joy following wild child Novi and her pet bat, Jellybean, on their adventures. I definitely look forward to Volume 2 of Little Bite Vampire Detective, it’ll be interesting to see where the author takes Novi next.

Overall, Little Bite Vampire Detective Vol. 1 is an excellent comic for kids (and even adults). I highly suggest picking this one up for your youngsters.

– Moonlight

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Moonlight • January 7, 2012

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