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Review of the Epic Battle of Spike VS Dracula

Being the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fangirl I am, I am making my way through as many Buffy comics as I can. Today’s comic of choice is the 5-issue mini-series Spike VS Dracula! Every Buffy fan remembers the episode with Dracula, which was one of the most hilarious of episodes, and now readers can get lost in a flashback and the tale of how Spike originally met Dracula.

“Presenting an incredible Spike saga spanning centuries! A hundred and twenty years ago, a tribe of gypsies inflicted a terrible curse upon the vampire known as Angelus… a curse that brought a terrible vengeance upon the tribe in the form of Angelus’ family: Darla, Drusilla and most notably, William the Bloody, a.k.a. “Spike.” But the gypsy clan has a dark and powerful supporter: Count Dracula. Outraged over the slaughter of the gypsies, Dracula seeks revenge upon the three vampires… and thus begins a rivalry between Spike and Dracula that will cover decades. A rivalry steeped in blood… honor… and eleven quid.”

Written by Peter David
Art by Joe Corroney and Jeff Dabu

Artwork: 3 out of 5
It’s the classic comic book art style seen in 90% of comics. Nothing too spectacular there. The facial expressions could have been better and the pages more visually captivating. Overall, the art was blah and disappointing.

Story: 5 out of 5
Loved it! The 5 issues in this series tell the story of each encounter Spike had with Dracula over the decades. The first issue covers how Spike first met Dracula and the epic rivalry that was set off due to Angelus’ actions. The next few issues take you to different time periods and different events all involving run-ins between Spike and his nemesis Dracula. The final issue takes place after Dracula’s Buffy episode, and it’s absolutely hilarious. Spike VS Dracula was a highly entertaining read with quite a few nods to the show (we meet an ancestor of Oz’s). It was fantastic.

I totally recommend all Buffy and Angel fans picking this mini-series up. It’s definitely worth it!

– Moonlight

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Moonlight • October 25, 2012

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  7. The Outside Critic November 21, 2013 - 12:19 pm Reply

    Plot sounds really stupid. Spike goes toe to toe with Dracula and comes out on top? Lame.

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