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Recently, I signed up to Reign of Blood, to see what all fuss was about. Right away, it’s easy to tell why vampire fans are going to enjoy it so much. Many vampire horror fans love roleplay, and a lot of text roleplayers, –especially Vampire: the Masquerade players, will love the roleplay-friendly atmosphere, and the ability to choose clans.

There’s a huge back-story, very involved, –once again, a very big benefit to those who are looking for great vampire roleplay, without having to jump through a bunch of hoops on a roleplay forum, or deal with the undesirables in chat clients. The background on the game:

“The Great Covens have been fighting since before the count of time… and here their battle continues to rage. Join them to become stronger, but chose with care, for the memories of the Immortal are long, and betrayal not likely forgotten or forgiven. Explore an open setting and limitless options for development and advancement. But, beware; Immortality does not come without its price.”

The ‘Great Covens’ are actually different sects of vampires, that you eventually get to align with, once you’ve learned to navigate the site; there are a ton of other areas and shops to visit, unlike other MMO’s out there, there’s never  shortage of places to go and people to see in RoB. Plus, it’s freee! You don’t have to pay a monthly or weekly fee, though you can definitely donate.

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  4. Reign of Blood is a great, addictive game, but has many downfalls. If you are looking for a game where you can play competitively for free, this is not it. The people are great. The community is astounding. However, the owner is…. well, corrupt to put it mildly. If you have a paypal account, and are not afraid to use it… liberally, you will succeed. The rules bend to those with more money. And there is no way to reach the top without spending upwards of 10 grand in USD. For a free game, it’s very expensive. Yet, as I said, it is a great game because of the people you find there. Your call though lol.

  5. Reign of blood is ran by a great guy but his choice on mods isn’t very good all the mods are assholes if you do anything wrong once it’s automatically a warning even if you didn’t mean to then after 3 warnings your banned from chat the mods can be do anything to you and if you fight for yourself then your account gets banned. I give the game 2/5 stars just cause the owner is a really nice guy.

  6. TJ, the rules for the game are all plain to see. Reguardless of if you did not mean to break a rule or not the fact is that you still broke a rule. This is not the mods being assholes, this is them doing their jobs. You mention fighting for yourself, but you really had no leg to stand on. You broke the rules and you got banned, simple as. The three warning system is actually very generous compared to other games in terms of moderation system.

    I have been playing ROB for a year now and I have to say I am enjoying the game inmensely. It is nice to find a game where they offer both for roleplayers and people who just want to climb the leaderboards. The game does have a P2W system in place, but that is the case for many games which feature microtransactions. The fact is that the game allows great advancement even for people who do not pay for power in the game, you can still increase in power and enjoy the game like that. If you are going for the top power place, then that will cost you around £20,000 in order to overtake the top player. But being the most powerful is not esential to the game.

  7. I should mention about my previous post, I am on about if you was to spend real life money to get the funds to overtake the current top player without any actual playing of the game.

  8. I have been playing the game for about a year and became completely addicted for a while. However it can get expensive if you want to get to the top and the guy sure knows how to make you spend your money. Sadly i have also seen a lot of trolling and cyber bullying on there which is left to go on even after a complaint. In fact if you complain about another player you yourself can get jailed without further investigation. It always seems to be the same players doing the bullying and yes the majority of the mods are assholes. Saying that though there are some genuinley nice people who play. They are just a bit harder to find.

  9. One *HUGE* problem with this otherwise good game that focuses on achievements for various types of battling. Twice I have played “Reign of Blood”, with a few years between each start, and the same problem occurred both times. Top-ranked players are bullies who engage in evil, borderline psychotic behavior towards lower-ranked players. I’ve been playing MMO games for more than a decade; currently, I’m playing five games. I have *NEVER* encountered a site with such mean-spirited top-ranked players as “Reign of Blood”.

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