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Review: THE STRAIN Episode Four, Season Four

Another episode without Quinlan. Ho-hum. This one was a tad more engaging than the last Quinlan-free offering, at least. Dutch’s perils in the baby-making factory haven’t been doing much for me, honestly, but some stuff finally started happening this week. All along she’s been inside one of those concentration camps we saw last season. But what ARE the Strigoi doing with those babies? Do they want to breed a human race possessing nothing but their favored bloodtype? Seems kinda pedestrian, but it makes sense, too. Evil is typically banal. Their whole grand scheme could be nothing more involved than this, that certain people taste better to them. Humans have become the equivalent of grain-fed cattle or surface-fed catfish.

I’m liking Eph more this season. Strange that the one event that should have broken him completely and sent him off to drown his sorrows in alcohol–Zack’s betrayal and the bombing of the city–instead was the catalyst for his getting sober. Some fine acting from Corey Stoll this episode, too.

They’re really telegraphing Creem’s jealousy of Gus. Watch your back, Gus. He’s gonna try to kill you.

Quinlan wasn’t in the preview for next week’s program, either. We will have no more of this. Get it together, people! This season needs more Quinlan!

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TheCheezman • August 7, 2017

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