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Review: THE STRAIN Season Four Premiere

What more could I have wanted out of this, the premiere episode of the final season of the show? Not much, honestly, except that it could have been a two-hour special. I got lots of Quinlan, the most badass vampire on television, maybe EVER (I will always and forever love Barnabas Collins from DARK SHADOWS the best, but let’s be honest; due to the budgetary constraints of that show, they couldn’t afford much in the way of FX or stunt work and thus Barnabas didn’t do a lot physically onscreen; Christian Camargo as Dracula in PENNY DREADFUL wasn’t around long enough to do much of ANYthing–Damn you, John Logan!–and while I dug Jonathan Rhys Meyers’s version of the vampire Count as its own thing, Quinlan would totally kick his ass in a fight.) and plenty of Fet, my favorite human character. The ending was a little flat–what it needed was a second hour!–but overall I’m plenty satisfied.

Nice try on the part of the writers to show that Zack still has a touch of humanity left, but it’s too little, too late. I still hate him. I expect all STRAIN marks feel the same way. The way the Master is appearing to him as his mother, though, is just plain creepy. (It’s also a good way to keep Kelly in the show despite her being killed off last season.) Will Eichorst get jealous of Zack? Probably. Enough to kill him? We can only hope.

I wonder how they’re going to bring Gus back into the narrative. And what does Setrakian want with a bomb if he has the Occido Lumen? Is it meant to be plan B?

Oh, and who’s Fet’s new girlfriend? This guy’s got major game; he’s picking up women right and left in the midst of the apocalypse. Them’s some skills, right there!

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TheCheezman • July 17, 2017

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  1. Vampire Janiss July 17, 2017 - 6:50 am Reply

    Eph needs to die (horribly) for crimes against humanity and so does his son. The sooner they rename the show “The Fet” the better. Thank God this is the last season and we’ll no longer have to endure Eph’s failures as he tries to believe he does the right thing only to screw it compeltely up each and every time. And yes, Quinlin continues to kick ass, but I want to see Eichorst break from the Master and plot to destroy the great fool with his special box and dirt.

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