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Review: THE STRAIN Season 4 Episode 7: Ouroboros

DAAAAAAAMN! This season started off a little slow for me, honestly, what with Eph off in Philadelphia, Dutch in a baby-birthing factory, Quinlan and Fet off in search of a nuke, and Zack–yeah, just Zack. But man, it’s cooking now! What an episode! SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen it yet. Seriously. Stop reading now, or no bitching later.

Eichorst is dead. And Setrakian killed him. We were promised “shocking” farewells this season, and now we have seen our first. I admit I did not see that coming. They’ve killed off one of their two major villains, and of the two, Eichorst was the most charismatic. I just knew they were gonna kill off Gus, after he had his “awakening” and came back to fight the good fight. I thought they were telegraphing it a little too much for it to be Setrakian, although don’t expect him to last past next episode. He still got drained by Eichorst. There’s no recovering from that. And he’d be infected now, too. But what a way to go out! How poetic that it was him who finally bested Eichorst, and the way in which he did it–brutal, man. Brutal. This is how the story of these two characters SHOULD have ended. I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

Eichorst was a great villain, but he was pure evil and he HAD to die. Even so, I’m gonna miss Richard Sammel’s oily scene-stealing performances. Best episode this season, bar none, and one of the finest of the entire series. Kudos to Guillermo, Chuck, and Carlton, and to all the cast and crew. Take a collective bow for this one.

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TheCheezman • August 29, 2017

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