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Revisiting the Classics: HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II

I’ve never seen all the HELLRAISER movies, just the first three. With lots and lots of time on my hands these days, and nothing much to do except watch movies, I decided to order all the series and watch them sequentially. I’ve seen the original numerous times and the third one several, but I’d only ever watched the second one once. I couldn’t remember why it was, exactly, that I hadn’t cared for it as much as the others. Rewatching it, then, was almost like watching it for the first time.

It was because of the ending. The fact that they made it look like the new Cenobite, the one born of the insane doctor, had defeated Pinhead and Chatterer. I like that Pinhead almost has a face turn (wrestling terminology) there towards the end, when he sees the photograph of himself back before his death. This makes sense. And the other Cenobites are basically going to follow Pinhead’s lead, regardless. But then the mad doctor Cenobite disposes of them with ease. That’s what I didn’t like about this one, and I still don’t. That should have been one hell of a fight, and Pinhead should have kicked the newcomer’s ass. Otherwise the film works fine, and the vampiric nature of the revenants remains intact; this time it’s evil Julia Cotton who returns to life, sans skin, and requires human lives to reincorporate.

TheCheezman • May 4, 2020

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