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Revisiting the Classics: THE ENTITY (1981)

Somehow I’d never seen this one. I was familiar with the case. I had the book. But I’d never gotten around to seeing the movie, probably because I felt like I already knew the story and knew how it turned out. This factors into my thinking sometimes; other times it doesn’t. Sometimes I can’t wait to watch the movie version of a book. Maybe it was because this one came out some time ago, so I felt no such urgency. Anyway, I’m glad I finally watched it.

Allegedly based on a true story, THE ENTITY sits right up there with the original THE AMITYVILLE HORROR and the THE CONJURING movie franchise as representing the absolute best of its type. You never see the titular entity onscreen, and it is never totally explained to the viewer what the entity is. The ghost of her abusive ex? The ghost of her abusive father? Personally I think it was something she herself unintentionally created, a poltergeist. The script seems to support this interpretation. Ultimately, though, it doesn’t matter what it is or where it came from. It’s what it does that makes it so terrifying. And that soundtrack! Led by a powerhouse performance by Barbara Hershey, this is one of those that everyone should see. No more putting it off.

TheCheezman • May 4, 2020

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