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Revisiting the Classics: THE FOG

I had the chance to catch the original THE FOG the other night at the Full Moon Cineplex while I was in town (Nashville, Tennessee) for the Oddities Market. It’s one of my favorites and I’ve seen it many times, but never on the big screen before. Despite multiple viewings, something occurred to me the other night that never had before: I’d been mislabeling the film’s stars all this time. I have, time and again, referred to them as “ghost pirates.” But they aren’t pirates. There is nothing in the movie to suggest that they are pirates. They are the hapless denizens of a leper colony, murdered by treachery and returned to life to seek revenge. Why have I thought of them as pirates? I think it’s because they carry swords, swords that look to me like pirate swords but, as the wraiths wielding them aren’t pirates, they cannot then be pirate swords, only swords in the style of the ones typically carried by pirates.

Also, the ghost pirates of the film are not ghosts. They are zombies. Though they do at times behave like ghosts, being able to appear and disappear at will, at other times they are unable to do so. There are the scenes wherein they have to break down doors to gain entrance to a place, instead of just passing through the walls like spirits. Additionally, would true ghosts be able to swing material weapons, like the aforementioned swords? They would need physical forms in order to do that. Thus we can say conclusively that they are sword-wielding zombie sailors, not pirate ghosts. Got it?

TheCheezman • October 30, 2019

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