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Revisiting the Classics: THE MYSTERIOUS DOCTOR

Terrible title for an otherwise nifty little mystery.

Released in 1943 and directed by Benjamin Stoloff, who directed a ton of movies, none of which you’ve probably ever heard of, and starring a cast of, for the most part, unknowns (they are by today’s standards if they weren’t back then), and with a modest budget (that’s being kind), THE MYSTERIOUS DOCTOR nevertheless manages to wring some atmosphere from its hour-length runtime. It’s worth checking out, if not seeking out, if you ever get the chance.

Set during the Second World War in a small hamlet in England, the plot revolves around a tin mine that has been sitting derelict for several years, after one of the owners of the mine was murdered and decapitated there. It is believed that his headless ghost haunts the locale and will murder anybody who sets foot in the mine. In fact a few people have been killed already by the ghost, which it turns out is more physical threat than spectral and does its killing with a knife. The film has a very noir aesthetic and should be pleasing to the palate of anyone who loves the old black-and-white Horror classics, though it is more of a mystery than a fright flick outright. If you go into it knowing what to expect, it works fine.

TheCheezman • January 11, 2019

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