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Revisiting the “Classics”: THE ZOMBIES OF MORA TAU

You might think this 1957 black-and-white B-movie would be a better fit for our sister site,, but I’ve chosen to discuss it here for one primary reason: While THE ZOMBIES OF MORA TAU isn’t a great movie, or even a good one, or even a good BAD one (All it really has going for it is the performance of lead actress Marjorie Eaton, better known for her role in MARY POPPINS, who is quite excellent.), it does serve as a curiosity. It presents the only example I’m aware of where zombies are granted the eternal youth common to vampires. Typically, zombies are decomposing even as they rampage. In this movie, the dead, who are animated by a curse on some treasure they sought to steal, remain permanently locked in the age that they were when they died. They are as brainless as zombies tend to be, but they are immortal. They neither eat brains nor drink blood, so in those respects they resemble neither type of revenant. In other ways, they are a curious amalgamation of the two.

I suspect the decision not to have the zombies look all decomposed was not an artistic one. I expect it was due to budgetary constraints. They simply couldn’t afford the make-up. As no explanation is offered as to why the zombies are holding up so well after decades of being dead, though, we, the audience, are free to draw our own conclusions.

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TheCheezman • October 3, 2017

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