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Revisiting the “Classics”: ZOMBIE SHARK

A couple of things I want to note upfront: One. They should have called this one ZOMBIE SHARKS, as in, sharks, plural, since there’s more than one poorly-rendered-by-cheap-CGI zombie shark in the movie. Two. Shark Head was by far my favorite character. By FAR. You have to watch the movie to see Shark Head. But he makes it worth it. Sure there are the bikini-clad babes. (One of whom, the female lead, can actually act!) These are good selling points. But Shark Head steals the show.
There are human zombies in this one, too. People who were killed by zombie sharks and then came back as zombies. (Don’t try to figure out how that would even work. This is a SyFy movie. Just go with it.)

So how bad is this one, really? Oh, it’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. But there are hints throughout the film that the screenwriters knew they were making a bad movie, embraced the fact that they were making a bad movie, gloried in the fact that they were making a bad movie, and decided to make the baddest bad movie possible. The end result, though, is that I loved it. Unlike something like POULTRYGEIST which is just plain bad, this one is fun bad.

(Yeah, I did just watch it again recently. What’s your point?)

TheCheezman • September 13, 2019

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