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Revisiting the (Recent) Classics: EVENT HORIZON

How old does a movie have to be before it’s appropriate to call it a classic? EVENT HORIZON came out in 1997. If you’re talking about cars, if it’s older than 25 years, it’s considered a classic. The movie still has a couple of years to go, then. But in terms of quality, it’s there already. On the off-chance you haven’t seen it, it’s a haunted house movie—in outer space. Or imagine if the Starship Enterprise was possessed and out to kill everyone onboard. That’s the gist of it. It’s just that simple and just that effective. This is a seriously creepy movie. And that THE SHINING-esque scene where all the blood starts coming out of the machinery? Brrrrrrr, man! Beautiful. EVENT HORIZON reportedly underwent a hatchet job from the censors, and much if not all the excised material was subsequently lost. One has to wonder just how much more effective the movie could have been if it had been left alone by the prudes.

Now let’s talk about that rumored connection to HELLRAISER. The parallels are obvious. The Hell dimension the ship “jumps” into looks an awful lot like the realm of the Cenobites. And there’s even the classic line from HELLRAISER—“We have such sights to show you!”—repeated in close paraphrase in EVENT HORIZON. And remember in HELLRAISER: BLOODLINE where you actually have the Cenobites in space? To my mind, the EVENT HORIZON is really just a giant, spacefaring version of the Puzzle Box.

TheCheezman • April 6, 2020

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