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Revisiting the (Recent) Classics: THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE

Being under quarantine does allow one the opportunity to catch up on his viewing. I’d intended to see the Netflix series THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE ever since it became available on DVD, and this past week I sat down and binged it. I had heard really good things about this adaptation. Those things I heard were misleading. The buzz was that this series was good. Nothing I heard, or read, to be more accurate, conveyed just how truly excellent the show is. It’s far more than merely good. It’s magnificent. I found myself in awe of the writing, and the acting across the board is exquisite.

Can I admit that I had a little hesitation to see this series, though, at first? It had nothing to do with the show itself. It was because I hold the 1963 Robert Wise film THE HAUNTING, also based upon the novel by Shirley Jackson, in such high regard. That film is a masterpiece, and we all saw the 1999 remake, and if you didn’t, you should probably be grateful. After that mess, there was a part of me that was trepidatious of any new take on the story. Even if the miniseries hadn’t been so great, though, I really shouldn’t have been worried. The two are so vastly different that one could believe they were based on separate works. As it is, though, Shirley Jackson’s story now has *two* incredible adaptations to its credit.

TheCheezman • April 12, 2020

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