Rewriting Twilight

I was quite skeptical about getting into the whole Twilight thing; as a matter of fact, I boycotted the multimillion dollar blockbuster as well as the books every chance that I got. Why? I’m simply not a conformist and that’s that.

After one of my closest friends came to visit for the weekend about a year-ish after the original Twilight film came out, I did a complete 180 and finally hopped on the bandwagon. Mind you, this friend of mine also got me to love Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, and The Vampire Diaries.

I’m sidetracking so let’s get to the point … here’s what would go down if I rewrote Twilight:

1) The Cullens: Carlisle would be greedier; he saves his conglomerate of misfits from death and from themselves and seems selfless, right? A man with that amount of power needs at least one bad bone in his body. My Carlisle would turn the dying mortals who would become his family merely to start a vampire army of his own. A coven of beautiful vamps, anyone?

2) Bella, Bella, Bella: Bella would have either been killed off immediately or turned at the end of the first film. All of this teen angst and the thick line needing to be crossed between human and members of the undead is just too much to handle.

3) Werewolves: In my opinion, Jacob as the werewolf should have been introduced right away. If Bella had to choose between her vampiric vegetarian boyfriend and a hottie that was destined to turn into a different kind of creature of the night from the get-go, it would’ve made things a tad more interesting.

– Bryce


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