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Richelle Mead Ends ‘Vampire Academy’ & Begins ‘Bloodlines’

Richelle Mead is the author of the incredibly popular Vampire Academy series, which just concluded this week with the sixth book, Last Sacrifice. But don’t worry VA fans, Richelle is planning a spin-off series titled Bloodlines. Read on for info on this new series and Mead’s thoughts on ending Vampire Academy.

In an interview with GalleyCat, Richelle Mead was asked how she felt about ending Vampire Academy, she answered by saying that while she was sad, she knew it was right.

“It’s a mixture of things. It’s sad certainly. At the same time I always knew the story was going to end at this point. When I first sat down to write it, I conceived the overall arc as lasting about this long. I knew it was going to be five or six books. It feels right to end it.

I wouldn’t want to extend it, beat it into the ground for the sake of sales or popularity. I wanted to end it on a high note. I’d rather have people wishing the series would’ve gone on than to say ‘Oh my god, why didn’t they kill it sooner?’

You know, there’s things like that; there’s TV shows and books like that. In some ways this does feel like the natural thing. At the same time, I want to start new projects so there’s sort of excitement there for me to move on to something else.

But, it is hard to leave a world that you built so much into and to start fresh into something new. I didn’t realize how much I took for granted. By book three of a series, everything’s already done for you and you’ve got your character development well on its way. So, yeah having to leave that behind is hard.”

I have to give Mead major props for ending the series rather than keeping it going and cashing in on the popularity (like other authors). There are far too many authors that have kept their series going on for way too long and it’s horrible. One of my favorite authors had such a fantastic and strong start to her series, but she has kept it going on too long and now the series is absolute crap – no plot, no developments, nothing. She should have ended it on a strong note, like Richelle Mead.

Anyway, on to the her new series – Bloodlines! According to Richelle Mead’s official website:

“Last Sacrifice will be the last book about Rose, but it’ll be followed by a spin-off series still set in the Vampire Academy world. Side characters we know from the current series will now be our main characters, and there’ll be a whole new storyline (not the last one told from a different perspective). So far, there is no exact release date, but you can expect it near late summer/early fall of 2011.”

How excited are you Vampire Academy fans?

Update: Read my interview with Richelle! We chatted about the end of Vampire Academy and the beginning of Bloodlines, plus much more! Check it out HERE.

– Moonlight

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Moonlight • December 10, 2010

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