Richelle Mead Ends ‘Vampire Academy’ & Begins ‘Bloodlines’

Richelle Mead is the author of the incredibly popular Vampire Academy series, which just concluded this week with the sixth book, Last Sacrifice. But don’t worry VA fans, Richelle is planning a spin-off series titled Bloodlines. Read on for info on this new series and Mead’s thoughts on ending Vampire Academy.

In an interview with GalleyCat, Richelle Mead was asked how she felt about ending Vampire Academy, she answered by saying that while she was sad, she knew it was right.

“It’s a mixture of things. It’s sad certainly. At the same time I always knew the story was going to end at this point. When I first sat down to write it, I conceived the overall arc as lasting about this long. I knew it was going to be five or six books. It feels right to end it.

I wouldn’t want to extend it, beat it into the ground for the sake of sales or popularity. I wanted to end it on a high note. I’d rather have people wishing the series would’ve gone on than to say ‘Oh my god, why didn’t they kill it sooner?’

You know, there’s things like that; there’s TV shows and books like that. In some ways this does feel like the natural thing. At the same time, I want to start new projects so there’s sort of excitement there for me to move on to something else.

But, it is hard to leave a world that you built so much into and to start fresh into something new. I didn’t realize how much I took for granted. By book three of a series, everything’s already done for you and you’ve got your character development well on its way. So, yeah having to leave that behind is hard.”

I have to give Mead major props for ending the series rather than keeping it going and cashing in on the popularity (like other authors). There are far too many authors that have kept their series going on for way too long and it’s horrible. One of my favorite authors had such a fantastic and strong start to her series, but she has kept it going on too long and now the series is absolute crap – no plot, no developments, nothing. She should have ended it on a strong note, like Richelle Mead.

Anyway, on to the her new series – Bloodlines! According to Richelle Mead’s official website:

“Last Sacrifice will be the last book about Rose, but it’ll be followed by a spin-off series still set in the Vampire Academy world. Side characters we know from the current series will now be our main characters, and there’ll be a whole new storyline (not the last one told from a different perspective). So far, there is no exact release date, but you can expect it near late summer/early fall of 2011.”

How excited are you Vampire Academy fans?

Update: Read my interview with Richelle! We chatted about the end of Vampire Academy and the beginning of Bloodlines, plus much more! Check it out HERE.

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


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  2. seriously i love richelle mead for wanting to move on but VA would not be what it is without rose and dimitri mainly rose! a spin off is great but i would love for her to do it with someone like viktoria dimitri’s sister coz atleast her story was enticing and rose and dimitri could be more involved. Blood promise was close to my favorite books in the series (though they were all good) and i would love to see the story go back to russia as i think thats where a lot happened and a lot was not finished. thanks richelle for this amazing book but i hate to see roe only become a cameo.

    1. You are soo right…..A lot was left unfinished in Russia…Like, when she ran off, Did Viktoria feel guilty? How did Dimka’s family react? What about the group, did they search for her or except her as gone (dead)? I think they think she ran off or something. They can’t know what went on with dimka and her…unless the carzy old women told them (if she was still alive after dimka’s little visit)! And i’m sure the news of Rose being a murderer reached them….So they know she’s safe and alive….Again, what about his family?? The friendship between Viktoria and Rose?
      I seem to be blabbing, i think we should just wait and see what Richelle has in store for us…….

      1. i agree with both of you. WE DEMAND ANSWERS! i can’t help but feel a little dissapointed because i heard we were going to hear more of dimitri’s family after blood promise. who knows, maybe it was an idea for bloodlines? i want to know what happens between viktoria and that nick guy that likes her

        ARGH! i hav so many questions its driving me INSANE!
        what did abe hav against sydney?
        what happens to jill?
        what happens to adrian?
        do adrian and jill continue their brother/sisterly relationship? or does it become so much more?
        what happens to eddie?
        who will eddies assignment be?
        who is in the next series?
        do rose and dimitri eventually get married (stupid i kno, but curiousity gets the best of me)?
        do roses parents get back together?

        there is sooo much stuff i want answered! though most of it is delusional wistfullness on my part. :(((

        1. your sooo right i was just thinking that i dont think i can wait much longer i will go insane i have all the ideas in my head but i wanna know what truly happens.

          1. There’s too many question.
            The one you counted up was nothing. It is a whole bunch of more! o:

        2. i totally agree. and one thing that ticks me off a little is that Christians family pretty much sucks! i mean, his parents turned Striogoi and were killed…and then he finds that one of his most loyal friends…Rose, of all people (she and Christian are most similar) accuses (rightfully) his aunt tasha of being the murderer. what about Christian! who does he have? LISSA? the flipping queen of the Moroi that have a stigma against him? poor guy…he was my favorite character, after Rose of course. I WANT MORE.

        3. O man it will be So bad not to know about Rose n Dimitri… it really kills me I wanna know
          y was Sydney so truly working for Abe?
          wanna know what happens with Lissa and Christian?
          I’ll trully miss them all

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  5. GAHHHHHHH i wanna see how Dimitri<3! and Rose<3 end up! i know they're together but i want them to go visit Dimitris family in Russia and have a life together…. itll probably be about Mikhail and Sonya Karp…

    1. same i REALLY wanna know what happens from then on and i feel so sorry for aidrian but i understand why rose did it but i hope jill and adrian get together as she has such a big crush on him and he’s soo nice to her.

      1. I wished in the whole book of Last Sacrifice that they would go to Russia and meet Dimitri’s family. You know, that would truly be nice. And I want to know if she forgives Rose, or not? ooo:

    2. the end of VA series is meant to be a mistery and you need to make up your own ending…that’s why most authors end their books on a clif-hanger. yes we would LOVE to see how dimitri and rose and up and how they handle things in the moroi world…but like i said…we need to make our own ending up. if you just look forward to the next series of books maybe Richelle will give away some hints in throughout the story. we just wont know what will happen until we read the books…P.S. i love VA and am still reading the books over and over :-D

  6. i have not read the series but i have heard sooooo many good things bout it, and i think you can always tell a good author from a bad one when they decide to end the series on a good note instead of keeping it going and making it lame. i plan to check out the series and see if it lives up to all the hype.

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  9. I love the Vampire Academy Series, but what ever happened to Adrian??? I cried when she hurt him and it was not fair to him as a person that loved her no matter what. Yeah I know in her heart she did truly love Dimitri,but what happened to Adrian??? Why not try to give him a try after all he has done for her. Rosa should have at least been able to pick which one she really wanted instead of having some woman tell her that her aura is the strongest when she is with Dimitri.

    1. Your rite.. i love rose and all but i think adrian deserved to be happy also because without him the plans wouldntve come out the same and she wouldve had no choice but to let dimitri go… but honestly he knew what he was getting into when he helped her… he knew she would go through the impossible to save dimitri….. but i guess he kared that much…. idk but yeah it would be nice to keep things on rose kuz she was the life…. the raw awesome life of this series… she didnt give a fuck about anything but her job and she did what she had to do for her friends and love… even if it meant fuckin up here snd there….. shes a mastermind hahaha lol

      1. Honestly I don’t think her leaving Adrian was a bad thing. Think about it, now jailbait can have someone too lol
        I think in the spinoff series something will happen and Adrian will find happiness with Jill as she grows up and accepts herself more as a Dragomir. I never wanted her to be with Adrian and im pretty sure Rochelle was just teasing us with those possibilities. Adrian will get over Rose. You’ll see :)

        And maybe it wont be Jill for those who are opposed to that.

        1. I totally agree with all of you. I asked the same question..What about Adrian? Yes, he loved Rose but he always knew she would always love Dimitri as long as he was still walking the earth. Without him, many of the books wouldn’t have happened, court with Victor, money for Russia, he helped her every time with/without her asking. But yes, I do think Jailbait will have something to do with him in the end.

          1. And its also thanks to Adrian that all of the books were possible so it makes me believe Richelle plans something for him. He can’t have a horrible ending… She will clean it up with the spin off series.
            Speaking of cleaning things up… What happens to Mia? Dimitris family? And the alchemist chick with her guy? I can think of a million different endings for all of them but I want Richelles ending.
            If all else fails and Adrian stays lonely… Well I can pick up the pieces hahaha

        2. I don’t think Jill will be with Adrian she is too young , but I think Sidney is gong to be with him , they are all starting new and fresh and I hope everything turns well for her I really loved her in series and I think Edde wiil be protecting Jill :)))

  10. for people who finished last sacrifice, i for one would hope adrian is in this new series because his reaction to rose and dimitri and stuff was kinda vague and i would like to see what happens next in his life. but GREAT books :)

    1. true…i hate to see Adrian feeling bad about them…I wihs we get to see him again in bloodlines…he was a good lad!

  11. Hmm maybe it would be a look through dimitri’s eyes ? While he protects christian ? Just a thought/hope haha , I loved the series and I’m currently rereading it .
    I really hope richelle picks an exciting character like rose , jill is lovely but I would be a little dissapointed going from rose to her . I agree with a lot of people though , there’s so much left unanswered in russia!
    I’m really excited for this spin off series Richelle Mead is such a talented writer and I hope she’ll write many more stories about dhampirs,moroi, etc .
    I hope to see many other series in this world and I can’t wait to get my hands on her new book when it arrives .
    Well enough babbling I need to go read my favorite series haha (: <33

    1. You know I never thought it would be from dimitris eyes… But I will hope for that too! I would hate to see things from lissas or Jills view. I’d rather see it from adrians eyes before that happens but no matter who’s eyes I will buy and read them for the sake of finding out more about Rose and Dimitri.
      By the way you’re my new BFF! I too had to go and reread the series. Have fun! I sure did and I remembered lots of things I had forgotten before like the part about where the heart is. Now I’m the one babbling oopsie lol

      1. Haha. I just finished up re-reading blood promise . And I never realized me and rose’s birthdays are both in march ! Haha I’m a nerd (x
        There are so many things that I forgot ! Its so creepy how the physic at the royal court saw lissa’s future leadership of the moroi I was like “whoa” haha. Gosh now I’m babbling ! But I do agree with you I will buy the books no matter what . I’m just hoping adrian and lissa will travel to russia and see oksana and mark ! If that’s possible now that she’s queen haha .
        You know life seems so boring after reading these books lmao .
        Okay I’m done being a nerd for now hhaha but until my next rambling session I’ll be hoping she writes about dimitri! (; <333 LOL.

      2. i agree and i read the series over and over but still get just as interested it seems no matter how many times you read them they seem to become more interesting. I loved all the books but the first one, blood promise and shadow kissed were my favs!

  12. same here….i wanna read more about what happens after rose and dimitri get together and i want them to visit russia….i even wanna know what happens with adrian and with whom he is later…. ;)

    Desperately waiting for BLOODLINES!!!!

  13. I just read that bloodlines will work like this :
    Sydney’s the narrator (its in third person *face palm*)
    Main characters:
    And Dimitri

    I don’t know how to feel about this ): VA is third person ??

  14. Wait nevermind I think its adrian instead of dimitri.
    But anyway it takes place in california and rose will make some appearances
    In the story.
    I read that Jill is a big part of the story .
    I have idea what to think about this haha .
    I’ll read it anyway but the way its being described isn’t doing it any justice ):

  15. God this is torture! I wanna know whose perspective it’s gonna be from(I already know multiple ones) I wanted it to be from Dimitri’s perspective so we could see how he felt about Rose and his troubles lol I’m kinda scared to read it like I’m afraid I wont like it I’m so use to Rose and Dimitri! All afternoon I’ve be putting off reading the ending of Last Sacrifice(so happy that I finally got it) so it wouldn’t have to end like I’ve been dreading but I’m finishing it up now I’m almost on the last chapter : ( Can’t wait for the movies to come out! ROSE & DIMITRI FOREVER!!!!

  16. Jill would be perfect for adrian as Rose said that Adrian needs to um become a stronger person or something like that, but Rose was a stronger person than Adrian so he couldn’t become a stronger person. While Jill is shy so it gives Adrian a chance to shine :)

  17. i think that we will see a lot more to do with adrian and jill. and i also think that sometime in the book we will hear about robert maybe working with a angry and betrayed adrian? there are a whole heap of unanswered questions. And i kind of hope that it doesnt go back to russia, it was kind of boring i think and there could be so many other possibilities. I feel so sorry for Eddie and Adrian.

  18. i don’t think the series should end at last sacrifice! i read it yesterday and there are so many questions. vampire academy really got a hold on me. i was so upset when i found out it was ending. the conclusion was too quick. what will lissa do as queen. will she and rose ever get the bond back. what happened to all of the darkness is rose’s aura. there are so many questions and i absolutely fell in love with Dimitri. what is going to happen between him and rose. can lissa and christian have children and make ‘little dragomirs’. its a shame for the series to end. personally i would love to be rose. she got the best guy. her best friend is queen. her parents can be humorous but still great parents. the series ended too quickly and there is way too mant questions unanswered.

    1. i know right i fell in love with Dimitri right at the beggining he is soo much like rose and so different in others. I wish i was rose too she is soo lucky but she deserves to be she had a lot of rough times to get to the highs but i just wish Dimitri was mine <3

      1. You know, the question about “what happened to all of the darkness in Rose’s aura.” well, Dimitri’s from his Strigoi thing, faded away. I think that happened to Rose too, or its happening. My gussing. But I find it logic. xp
        But, yeah. It would really, truly, cool, if Dimitri and Rose could have a child, because Dimitri is different, right? Well, maybe because he has been a Strigoi, they can have one. And the child could be the ´I´ person in one of the Bloodlines books. 8D

  19. Okay, am I the only one?
    But, if you guys look at the ´Bloodlines´ cover, Sydney’s tattoo is on her left.
    I have ALWAYS imagined the tattoo on her right side.
    But, well.. Maybe I’m the only one, or. Maybe I never paid attention when Richelle said/writhed that it was on the left. Who knows? Hehe, I don’t. Confused, help? oo:

  20. I absolutely loved the whole series, especially the last sacrifice, although i agree there was alot of things left unsaid as for, did dimitri’s family find out he was “alive” again, and what happened with adrian after he left rose the last time? hopefully she fills in loose ends with future books

  21. i feel both ways that its good that it ended and sad it’s over i wanted answers also but ive realized even if the endin was tied up in a pretty little bow for me i still would want more… adrian and jill bother me the most but like someone said make up ur own endin thats what ive been doin since i finished a few weeks ago and i think it will be hard not to hint to a few people in bloodlines but if u guys need a new book to start go with jeaniene frost book hafe way to the grave its a 5 book series 2 spinoffs worth reading (read them after book4)and the 6th book is coming soon but it’s for adults sorry teens

  22. well i love the VA series but i still do wish that Rose and Adrian would have got together not Rose and Dimitri but thats my opinion. I all so wish the series never ended
    P.S: only 12 and i love it thanks to my friend she told me about this books so thanks Richelle Mead love the book

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