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rifftraxWe’re Twilight-crazed this month, so if you’re tired of hearing about it… tough! Or, if you’re tired of reading about Twilight haters, or Twilight lovers, how about a happy medium that will crack you up? The masterminds behind Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy are now the crazy kings of, –where they now riff some of your favorite, and least favorite movies, of this and last, century. In this universe, you have two awesome things coming head to head, and the result is a mash of two of the most amazing things ever! A RiffTrax version of Twilight! This is what the guys have to say about their Twilight RiffTrax:

TwilightWeb_0“RiffTrax was caught up in the Twilight frenzy, and not surprisingly, given that we are staffed almost exclusively by 13 year-old girls. So when we heard rumors of the feature film—the whispers of John Goodman being cast as Edward were especially worrying—we sent so many texts beginning “OMG!!!1!!!!11!!” we nearly shut down our SMS service.

At the movie’s premiere we were there among the throngs, shrieking with girlish glee when Robert Pattinson got out of his limo (it turns out we had mistakenly gone to the premiere of The Changeling and were actually shrieking for John Malkovich, but the point still stands.) And when it was finally released on DVD we ruined our first three copies by hugging them too much.

But we’ve overcome these obstacles to give you the best RiffTrax for a sparkly-emo-vampire film that we know how to make, and we say with as much humility as we can muster, that’s a pretty darn good sparkly-emo-vampire RiffTrax! Turn off that Ashley Tisdale download, tell the clerk at Hot Topic you’ll buy that hoodie later, and cozy up with Mike, Kevin and Bill for the mopiest RiffTrax ever!”

Check out the sample, and buy the damn thing! It’s not like you can’t afford it, it’s only a few bucks, –and don’t even pretend like you don’t have the Twilight DVD. We know you do!

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