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Rippin’ Off Romero

Though the two men were, as far as I know, on very good terms—they were in fact friends—and the former always, also as far as I know, speaks well of the latter, still I cannot help but feel that Greg Nicotero has made a career out of ripping off George Romero. Nicotero, before he became the grand high poobah of THE WALKING DEAD and its bastard offspring FEAR THE WALKING DEAD (Nicotero serves as executive producer, makeup FX supervisor, and sometimes director on the two series), was working for George Romero. Or to be more precise, he was working for Tom Savini, who did the makeup for Romero’s DAY OF THE DEAD. He also worked on LAND OF THE DEAD and DIARY OF THE DEAD. Additionally, Romero did CREEPSHOW, and now Nicotero is doing the reboot of CREEPSHOW.

Alright, yes, Nicotero has tons of cred outside of Romero’s projects. He’s done about a thousand other movies that weren’t the creations of George Romero. So it’s a big overstatement to say that he made a career out of copying the Master. I think it’s really more that I consider THE WALKING DEAD to be such a major rip-off of Romero—because, let’s just be honest about it, it is—that Nicotero becomes guilty in my mind by association.

TheCheezman • December 3, 2019

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