Robert Pattinson Discussing the Finer Details of Bella’s Barf-Worthy Birthing

I’m a fan of Twilight, the series, and the films. But even I, the big fan, almost closed the book when I read how Bella ended up giving birth. OMG, EW. For those of you who don’t really follow the whole Twilight thing, –watch the movies or read the books, –well. Bella gets knocked up by Edward… somehow. The logistics aren’t very clear, but sure, whatever. The pregnancy advances incredibly quickly, and when Bella goes into labor, there’s a serious risk of her dying, –so, in this state of panic, there’s nothing to be done but chew through Bella’s belly, and uterus, getting sprayed by all manner of amniotic fluid, and probably chewing through the umbilical cord, –ta-dah! a bouncing baby girl. All I have to say to that is: *verp*.

Clearly, the actor that will be doing all this would have to have a lead stomach, because seriously, I don’t think I could do that, even just pretending. I also can’t help but wonder how graphic it would be: pink tinted gravy spraying everywhere, or strawberry jelly stuck to his face, while he chews open the…. ugh, okay, erp, moving on. Cindy Kroiss reports from Gather’s Entertainment section:

Robert Pattinson spills hush-hush details from the filming of Breaking Dawn. The vamp caesarian birth of Edward and Bella’s baby is a harrowing, bloody and altogether unique experience. “Yeah, I’ve done it,” Pattinson told Total Film. “I’ve chewed it, spat it out!” Probably not quite, but close. Disturbingly close.

Readers of the book, Breaking Dawn, by Stephanie Meyers, already know the birth of the half-human, half vampire child does not go smoothly. Naturally, there is no comforting hospital background. Carlisle Cullen, the vampire doctor, is not even there. Edward and Jacob deliver the child, with the tools available, while Renesmee is already, shall we say, taking matters into her own hands. Think about how birds get out of eggs. Think about being the egg, while the bird breaks free. Yuck! So essentially Bella is chewed open from the outside while being clawed open from within. Not a pretty picture.

But readers can never be sure how closely the movie will follow the book. Here’s a hint. Movies go for minimum explanatory detail, maximum gore. Count on that. And since some adult readers have already removed the book from the hands of their daughters, believe the movie might be worse. According to Robert Pattinson, the movie will be, “very different to the other films—more like a horror movie.”

The actor, whom Twilight has made a super-celeb, is not allowed to tell much, but clandestine details have a way of slipping out. “Just some of the source material makes it inevitably more different. It’s completely nuts, the book.” There you have R-Patz’s take.

If these details are spoilers, it’s a safe bet no one will be put off seeing the movie when it finally opens. Except perhaps some tween girls, whose mothers already won’t let them read Breaking Dawn…

So if you were thinking that the vampire birthing scene might be tuned down, or take place mainly off screen, or in the figurative subtext, you were sorely mistaken. But hey, I have to say, that’s still pretty cool. I mean, at least there’ll be some gore, even if it’s not really what we usually anticipate when we’re thinking ‘gory vampire movie’. I might be a bit behind in terms of what’s going to happen in Breaking Dawn: Part 1, but I wonder if the vampire birth will be in the first one? It’s been a while since I read the book, and I can’t exactly remember the sequence of events or timeline: what do you guys think? Will the vampire birth/gagfest be in the first or second movie? Or maybe, it will be the end of the first movie? The beginning of the second? Tell me where you think it will fall… or drop!

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  1. From the way the book read, I think that the birth should be the very end of Part 1, and then Bella’s change will be the beginning of Part 2.

    Though it’s Hollywood, they might get right to before it and then make us wait an entire year.

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  4. i really hope they make it the end of the first just so i dont have to wait a year to see it. i am not a huge twilight fan but i am really looking forward to watching this scene just to see how well they can make it. (and im really glad theyre showing it in all its gory goodness)

  5. from what i have read on this site and others the birth renesme and bellas changing will all be in the first movie and the vampire training, witnesses and war will be the second. to me this makes sense and oh yes i can’t wait!!!

  6. I thnk renesmee’s birth would be shown by the end of part 1 n bella’s change n othr imprinting stuff wuld by shwn in part 2.

  7. Probably what will happen since there are three books in the book; Book One Bella, Book Two Jacob, Book Three Bella (the birth being the last we hear of Jacobs view) it will probably book 1 and 2 from the breaking dawn in part 1 of the movie and then book three Bella which is when she’s waking up as a new born will be kept for the second movie. Personally I think after the birthing will be a great cliff hanger even if I’ll be screaming at summit for doing it. I just hope the second part of Breaking Dawn will come soon after the first part cause it drives me nuts to wait an entire YEAR to watch an entire movie… damn people and their evil ways of making more movies and money!!! It’s an inhumane form of torture…

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