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Robert Pattinson is Batman?!?

That would be a definite “maybe.” A possibility. There has been some definite gun-jumping going on, by pretty much every news site. The site that originally reported it, Variety, was quick to say that it was not yet official. That hasn’t stopped everybody and his kid sister’s cousin from shouting from the rooftops that Pattinson is going to play Batman. If he does end up in the role, I’ll have to eat some crow. I didn’t think they’d dare to put him in the cape and cowl. Too much risk of controversy. Already the Internet is alive with vitriol over the premature announcement that Pattinson had the role. Why would they invite that?

Nicholas Hoult is also being considered for the role, by the way, and I’d much prefer to see him get it.

But what if Pattinson *does* get the part? It won’t be the kiss of death so many are fearing. I hate TWILIGHT with a fiery purple passion, so I get the concern, but the fact is, Pattinson *is* a good actor. And I trust writer/director Matt Reeves. The guy knows what he’s doing. If he says Pattinson is the guy, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Remember how people raised hell when Michael Keaton was announced to play Batman back in the day, and that worked out alright.

I hope Nicholas Hoult gets the part, though.

TheCheezman • May 17, 2019

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