Robert Pattinson Too Old To Return To Edward Cullen Role

Robert Pattinson dispels rumors that he’s ever returning to Twilight.

Robert Pattinson is certainly not as lucky as his character Edward is in the aging department, but he still looks great for a mere human. He says his age would prevent him from returning to play another Edward Cullen part. Which definitely does make sense, even in the Harry Potter films, they kept them filming every year to avoid just this specific issue. If sometime in the future they recast Edward Cullen, who could you see filling those sparkly shoes?

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    1. I don’t care about what u saying no one i mean no one can fit in Edward Cullen’s shoes just like no one can fit Cedric Diggery

  1. No one really, because the vampire never really ages, and Edward has become Robert and Robert has become Edward. Hollywood will keep him looking young for the part.

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