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Rockin’ Out With The Vampires

All-star Vampires to release debut album

That’s the HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES, that is, a “new” band composed of some pretty famous members: The legendary shock-rocker Alice Cooper (a personal favorite of this author’s), lead shredder (aka guitarist) for Aerosmith Joe Perry, and actor Johnny Depp. Their upcoming album, due to be released next month, will feature both original music and covers of famous tunes, and boasts collaborations from other music legends such as Paul McCartney of the Beatles, Slash from Guns N’ Roses, the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl and Joe Walsh of the Eagles. That’s a pretty impressive pedigree.

What has me the most excited about this album, though, is that it features the late, and certainly great, Sir Christopher Lee, who performs in the opening track. The song was recorded not long before Sir Christopher’s passing in June of this year, and is entitled “The Last Vampire.” What a fitting and appropriate final vocal performance! And what a sendoff to the man who will always be synonymous with the most infamous and beloved of all vampires, Count Dracula.

I know what new music I’ll be buying come September. How about you?



TheCheezman • September 1, 2015

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