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Rod Stewart and the Highgate Vampire

Rocker Rod Stewart—kids, if you don’t know who he is, ask your parents; they remember him—used to suffer from thanatophobia. Literally the “fear of death.” (Don’t most humans instinctually have a fear of death? I’d argue that they do, but the phobia refers to an unnatural or exaggerated fear of death, if not to an obsession with avoiding it.) To cure himself of this malady, as a young man he took a job as a gravedigger—at Highgate Cemetery. (That makes for a good story, doesn’t it? Better than him just being broke and needing the money, which might also have been the case. He also never actually “dug” any graves, but helped with marking them out.)

All self-respecting vampire marks know that Highgate Cemetery is the reputed haunt of a real vampire (although this claim has been largely disputed) and may have served as the inspiration for the fictitious Kingstead Cemetery in Bram Stoker’s novel DRACULA. Likewise, tales of the exhumation of Elizabeth Siddal, wife of Dante Rossetti, may have inspired the plight in the novel of Stoker’s Lucy Westenra, a victim of Dracula who is eventually staked and decapitated by Van Helsing and his cronies. Highgate has made several appearances in the movies, too, most notably in the 1970 Hammer feature TASTE THE BLOOD OF DRACULA starring Christopher Lee.

TheCheezman • November 9, 2018

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  1. Kimberly McCreary February 11, 2019 - 2:08 pm Reply

    Hello, I just wanted to reiterate my one post I posted regarding Vampires and their Secrets, I wanted to add that not only is it time, but it is imperative that the general public knows they exist. I hold many of the Secrets that have been passed down to me from two “Originals” that are of course Vampires with great history and centuries behind them. Their stories are vast and comparison to many whom have told vampires stories and myths, however; vampires are not myth nor are their existence. I am ready to provide the public with these secrets and much more as it is time for all to know. I have no idea why vampires want to stay in the shadows, their on social media and other sites, now it is time they are in the public eye and I’m going to help speed up the process. I was going to keep their existence quiet, but one of the Originals wants this known as he states “It is time for everyone to know the truth” and I agree. I just can’t keep this bottled up inside any longer also some very highly trained vampires were forced out of my area around my house by the Original I have spoke of here, but I’m sure they will not give up that easy, I will not let them intimidate me in anyway. The Original I speak of is working with me and we both will bring fourth the truth, people have been in the dark for far to long, now is the time.

  2. Kimberly McCreary February 11, 2019 - 2:11 pm Reply

    Well I still haven’t figure out who was in the Black Lincoln SUV last week. it was on 10/18/2018 and who ever it was why can’t you come to me and tell me what you wanted. Now there was this spell I relighted the night before just out of curiosity. It was about if you were trying to invite a vampire to your home now I’m not sure that is what transpired but it was weird to say the least. Now if it was that and it was a vampire that showed up then he needs to come back and not be a crowed because if that spell found you how am I to know that is what you are. If he was maybe not… Now as far as vampires goes; they are real and some go to these Vampire Parties; put fake fangs on and do their feedings with those that think it is something innocent. There are many secrets they hold and they don’t want out in the public and these secrets are golden. Like their real existence here and in Europe and they do walk amongst us, now the vampire hunters that are in Greensville, South Carolina which is the main headquarters and they are always watching. I can’t believe all that I have learned from my connections with vampires, but these secrets are so important and scary if anyone knew them.

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