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Romero at Wrestlemania

Growing up in the glorious 80s, I had two great passions, Horror movies and professional wrestling (three counting comic books). These two shaped the man I would become, warping me in all kinds of wonderful ways. Today I have a nephew who is a professional wrestler—Adam Priest. (Remember that name, as you will be hearing it again; Adam Priest recently made his television debut on the WWE’s NXT program.) I don’t follow wrestling the way I used to, no. Back in my childhood, wrestling was *real*. In fact it *is* real, it’s just real in a different way than I imagined back then. I know all the lingo now, all the “tricks,” all the backstage drama. I attend live wrestling shows regularly to support my nephew, and I cheer and holler just like I used to do. But it isn’t the same. I no longer see it all with a child’s eyes.

Even so, it remains a major component of my being. And as for that other major component, Horror, I would suppose it is obvious how involved I still am with the genre. I don’t just watch it as a fan now, though. I actually make my living, part of it, from the Horror genre.

Still loving wrestling and Horror, then, it does my heart good when the two worlds collide. At the recent Wrestlemania 35—good Lord, how has it been 35 years since the first one?!—wrestler Erick Rowan (who is said to be a friend of Tom Savini) wore a specially-designed George Romero T-shirt to the ring. Romeromania runnin’ wild! Whatcha gonna do, brother?!

TheCheezman • April 18, 2019

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