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Ruminations on the Oscars

It has finally happened–a Monsterkid won an Oscar! A Monster MOVIE won Best Picture! Guillermo del Toro is the One. The one who forced the mainstream to acknowledge and respect Horror Geek culture. You could argue that Peter Jackson got there first, but Jackson’s magnificent LORD OF THE RINGS films weren’t HORROR movies. And you could correctly argue that SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, which WAS a Horror movie, won the award twenty-plus years ago. But that movie wasn’t a MONSTER film. (The serial killers in it were monsters, true enough, but monsters of the human variety.) THE SHAPE OF WATER is an authentic “creature feature,” no matter who tries to deny it. It is a Monster flick. And it won the award for best movie of the year. Likewise, its writer/director, Guillermo del Toro, won the BEST DIRECTOR award. Best Picture. Best Director. This is HUGE.

THE SHAPE OF WATER also took home awards for Production Design (winners were Paul Austerberry, Jeffrey A. Melvin, and Shane Vieau) and Best Score (composer Alexandre Desplat). The music rudely cut off the film’s Producer, J. Miles Dale, as he tried to give his winner’s speech, but he managed to get a few words in, anyway, telling them to host Jimmy Kimmel. Mr. Dale worked with Guillermo on THE STRAIN and 2013’s MAMA. Doug Jones, who gave the greatest unrecognized performance of the year as the Amphibian Man (When will the Oscars add a “Best Motion-Capture Performance” category?), has major vampire cred, too. He was one of the Ancients and one incarnation of The Master on THE STRAIN; he was the leader of the Gentlemen on BUFFY, and he is going to be playing NOSFERATU.

We also want to extend congratulations to Jordan Peele, who won for his screenplay for GET OUT; and Gary (BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA) Oldman won the award for Best Actor. All in all, Horror was very well represented. Finally.

It’s fitting that, at a time when minorities are breaking records in the entertainment industry, and when women are speaking out against injustice (and being heard), the Horror geeks are forcing their way in, establishing beachheads, staking out new territory. Quality genre work will be ignored no longer!

TheCheezman • March 5, 2018

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