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Ruminations on the Season (Series?) Finale of THE PASSAGE

One week to the day after it aired, I finally had enough leisure time to sit down and view the two-hour season (and quite possibly the series) finale. All things considered, it was as satisfying an ending as I could have hoped for. I knew the basic storyline of the novels upon which the show was based, so I knew to expect anything but a complete resolution or happy ending. Watching those last two episodes, I can understand why the final one was the lowest rated of the season. All the people who were watching and didn’t know anything about the storyline of the books were probably left wondering what the hell just happened. That final episode felt like it belonged to a second season rather than serving as a finale to the first. It was like the last episode of TWIN PEAKS season three in that regard. Actually it felt more like it belonged to a completely different series. Within ten episodes THE PASSAGE went from being THE FUGITIVE to a mixture of THE STRAIN and I AM LEGEND (the book, not the movie). I can see how it might have caught casual viewers off-guard.

Yep, Shauna is my favorite character. And the most complex. She deserves a series all her own, with Richards serving as her Renfield.

After waiting this entire season for the vampires to break out of Project NOAH, I scarce got to enjoy it before the time-jump. Bummer, ‘cause that next-to-last episode was nonstop thrills, some serious balls-out Horror, especially impressive considering it aired on network television. Then we go into George Romero territory, with civilization crumbling, and get one last look at Fanning before we time-jump again and things have gone all Omega Man and Amy has transformed into Blade. What happened to Lacey and Jonas? What happened to Shauna and Richards, and Anthony, and Fanning? With the latter four, there is every reason to expect that they are still alive, but where are they? We know Wolgast is still alive, because the pint-sized Daywalker tells us so.

And that’s about all the resolution we’re gonna get. This excellent show ended way too soon. I miss it already. The producers have plans for a second season, but will Fox let them have it? I have my doubts. Maybe it could transition to cable?

My biggest complaint with the show? I never got to see Guilder get ripped apart. I freakin’ *hated* that character! They have to do something. A second season, a made-for-TV movie, something, because we have *got* to see him get his arms torn off by one of the vampires!

TheCheezman • March 19, 2019

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