Saints Cosmas and Damian

You may be wondering why on earth I’d be speaking of saints on a vampire website, well, believe it or not but these two actually play a role in vampire history.

Cosmos and Damian (also known Cosmas and Damian) are twin brothers and saints of the Christian Church, particularly the Eastern Orthodox church. While the exact dates of their births and deaths are unknown, they are considered early Christian martyrs, killed at Cyrrhus, where a basilica was built in their honor.

These two were physicians born in Cilicia, part of today’s Turkey. They practiced their profession in the seaport of Aegea (modern Ayas), then in the Roman province of Syria . There are numerous stories of their charity work as doctors, healing those in need without asking for anything in return. This is why they are now the patrons of doctors and healing. Even the powerful Medici family donated mass amounts of money to their cult, many members bearing the name of Cosimo (Cosmos).

During the persecution under Diocletian, both Cosmos and Damian were arrested by order of the Prefect of Cilicia who ordered them under torture to renounce their faith. According to the legend they stayed true to their faith, enduring being hung on a cross, brutally stoned and shot by arrows. After surviving the horrific tortures they were then executed by beheading.

Now for the vampire part – while most considered them men of medicine, others honored them for their power over the undead. It is said that among the Slavs, Cosmos and Damian were not physicians but magicians, experts at aiding those who had been attacked by vampires.


Vampires have a long religious history due to the fact that people once believed 100% in the undead, claiming that they were wicked beings punished for the sins they committed during their life. So, I can understand why some would tie saints to vampires.

What do you think?

– Moonlight

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