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I remember reporting on this when the news first broke that a memorial was planned to commemorate the innocent victims of the infamous Salem Witchcraft Trials. I recall the artistic interpretation (i.e. the drawing) of what the memorial would look like. Now they’ve built it, and it does indeed look like it was predicted to look. The memorial hasn’t been officially dedicated yet, however. They’re waiting for the 325th anniversary of the start of the executions to do that. (As that anniversary falls on July 19th, the site will likely have been dedicated by the time you are all reading this.)

In 1692, after a case of mass panic that could have been a case of mass hysteria or could have been caused by the LSD-bad-trip-inducing ergot fungus or might even have had a paranormal explanation–something bizarre happening, a “flap” or “window” as such points in history are called by people who study such things, something “fortean,” with innocent folks getting blamed for it–twenty people were executed at a site called Proctor’s Ledge (five others died while being held in prison). The site was forgotten for years, while it became overgrown and houses (and drugstores) got put up around it, so it’s nice to see it being recognized now.

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TheCheezman • July 21, 2017

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