Sanguinarian Survey: The Results Are In

You will doubtless remember the sanguinarian survey that my online friend Erin Chapman from over at VAMPED put together and that I shared here on this site some few months ago. Well, Erin has been hard at work crunching numbers and collating data and the results are now in. Read about it for yourselves right here:

Erin Chapman Vamped Magazine 778-822-0657

ERIN CHAPMAN CONDUCTED A SURVEY OF PEOPLE WHO DRINK HUMAN AND ANIMAL BLOOD (73 people were interviewed about blood drinking habits, diet, health and lifestyle choices in hopes of further research)

Vancouver, BC: Today, Erin Chapman, Co-administrator for Vamped and Operations Coordinator for the Vampire Studies Association, announced the results for the Sanguinarian Survey that she conducted between September 9, 2019 and October 28, 2019. The survey was completed by 73 respondents in the online vampire community who consider themselves Sanguinarians – people who drink human and or animal blood for health benefits.

According to Erin Chapman, she conducted the survey to: ‘identify similarities and patterns concerning diet, health conditions, and lifestyle habits of Sanguinarians—or ‘vampires’—within the Vampire Community, specifically those who consume human and/or animal blood and experience notable health benefits. By analyzing the data collected, I hope to determine statistical patterns that will provide a greater understanding of why consuming human and/or animal blood improves health conditions for certain people, providing a possible avenue for further examination by medical professionals and researchers. I believe creating awareness is the first step in moving towards a solution for Sanguinarians.’

Further information regarding the creation of survey can be viewed at:

The survey report can be downloaded here:

About Erin Chapman: Erin Chapman is a freelance journalist and Co-administrator for Vamped, an online vampire magazine. She is the Operations Coordinator for the Vampire Studies Association and their mission is to ‘establish vampire studies as a multidisciplinary field by promoting, disseminating, and publishing contributions to vampire scholarship.’”

Good for Erin for injecting a little Science into the discussion, treating the subject seriously and attempting to get to the bottom of things. Give the results a read. They are bound to be enlightening.

By TheCheezman

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