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Sanguinarian Survey

Hey, you! If you are a Sanguinarian, that is, a human being who consumes blood, my online friend Erin Chapman from VAMPED wants to hear from you! Or if you yourself are not a Sanguinarian but you know someone who is, please pass this information along. There is a new survey, and the larger the number of respondents, the better. Says Erin: “This survey can only make a difference within the community and help people if you participate. The only personal information you need to provide is an email address to start the survey. Once all data has been collected, I will be publishing an official report with my findings.” And naturally we here at will report on her report of the findings! If you’re a Sanguivore/Sanguinarian, please click on the link and fill out the survey.

Erin knows way more about the subject of Sanguinarianism than I do, as she has devoted a lot more time to studying it. Erin has struggled with health issues that lend her a sympathy/empathy for people who claim to need to consume blood for health reasons, so that’s one of the reasons why she’s so interested in it. The survey will, as she said, be used to hopefully help people, so you can feel good about your participation.

TheCheezman • September 16, 2019

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