Sanguine Vampires and Blood Donors in New Orleans

Modern day Vampires do exist. They may not resemble the romantic pop culture version, but they do have fangs, they do drink blood and they don¹t like the day…

Honestly, the video was very informative, as someone who has been identified as an energy vampire, by others, as well as by myself; I’m still unsure about where exactly I would classify myself. However, I do like that so many people are so open and readily able to identify themselves and be open at least in New Orleans.

On the other hand, watching a man put his mouth on an open wound while at the same time claiming to to be hygienic… was disturbing. Having interviewed various sanguine vampires in the past, –as in, vampires who drink physically drink blood, not psychically, –I do know many practice safer habits, and never feed from a wound, to protect the donor from infection. Let’s keep in mind, safety first, even if the act is between consenting adults, –if you care about your donor, you won’t expose them to potential infection.

By annimi

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