Scarecrow Custom Fit Fangs: Fab Fangs for the Wannabe Vampire

It happens every Halloween. You’ve got your black cape, your frilly white shirt, your slicked back black wig and a pair of 99 cent plastic fangs… No wonder you get laughed at, that look went out in grade four.

Okay, so no one over the age of ten is interested in the plastic, store bought Dracula look anymore but it doesn’t change the fact that vampires are cool. It also doesn’t change the fact that being a vampire for Halloween is the coolest. The biggest problem is of course finding a pair of fangs that look real.

Have no fear vampire wannabes for there are vampire fangs out there that not only look real but wont break the bank either.

Since 1993 Scarecrow Custom Fit Fangs has been providing the most realistic, easily customizable vampire fangs on the market. The fangs are shipped from the Scarecrow warehouse just outside of Salem Massachusetts and delivered all around the world. They come in a package that includes a set of fangs, a plastic carrying case and the materials used in their molding system.

As an owner of a few sets of these babies myself I can tell you that they are incredibly easy to custom fit to your teeth (much easier than other fangs that are on the market) and once fitted, reusing them is as easy as popping them off and back on over and over again. If at any time the molding happens to come loose from your fangs (which has happened to me) you can even buy a separate remolding kit and refit them all over again. Another great thing about these fangs is that because they are caps and only fit over the two teeth you’ve fitted them to Scarecrow Custom Fit Fangs are incredibly easy to talk with. It only takes a few moments to get used to having them in your mouth and before you know it you’re talking like a pro… without the silly lisping those 99 cent bargain fangs cause.

The best thing about Scarecrow Custom Fit Fangs, aside from the realistic look, the easy fitting and the lack of lisping is the price. While there are some fang caps out there made of dental acrylic which makes them virtually identical to human teeth, many of us can’t afford the hefty price tag that comes with such realism. Scarecrow Fangs however will run an average price of $14.95 for a set of Natural Fangs up to $31.95 for a set of 100% Sterling Silver Fangs (for the vampire wannabe whose in the mood to add a little bling).

Scarecrow Custom Fit Fangs can be found on their website.

By Veritas

Veritas is a faerie child, switched at birth and left with wonderful parents in a small shack deep in the hills of West Virginia. He believes in magick and hopes to inspire readers lured into the enchanted path. Occasionally, he'll post contributions from other authors so drop us an email if you're interested.


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  4. I bought those but for some reason they don’t seem to like to stay in.I did as it said on the box and they still slide out!Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Hey Luna, if your fangs keep sliding out they may not be fitted to your teeth properly. Each set of fangs comes with extra molding capsules in case your fangs need extra molding to properly fit on your teeth. The solution is easy enough. If you still have the extra capsules and some leftover drops in the dropper try mixing up another batch of molding and filling it over the molding already in your fang. After that stick the fang back on your tooth (make sure each fang is on the same tooth as before) and hold it there for five minutes. When the first fang is done leave it in while redoing the second fang the same way.
      Keep them in for about 15-20 minutes making sure not to wiggle them and then gently push them back and forth before carefully popping them off. This should give them a snugger fit and keep them from falling off your teeth. Remember, the smaller the tooth the more molding will be needed to fit the fang.
      If you no longer have any of the molding ingredients replacement molding kits can be purchased by clicking the link in the article.

      Good luck with the refitting!

  5. Ok well heres the thing. i bought the fangs but one of them keeps coming off. i want to do a new mold but the problem here is tht i do not have anymore drops they came out n i dnt have anymore money to buy a replacement kit. Help!!

  6. do these teeth or the toothpaste have latex in them becuase im alergic to latex and my teeth just keep feeling funny

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