Sean Manchester, The Last Real Vampire Hunter, Is Apparently a Jerk

“Notorious content thief and self-proclaimed vampire hunter, Sean Manchester, issues our site a copyright infringement notice. Here’s what we did about it…”

The guys at are practically religious in their research and fact checking; I find it hard to believe that they could get on anyone’s bad side, –but alas, they seemed to have stepped in proverbial poo when it comes to writing about the self-proclaimed vampire hunter, 70 year old Sean Manchester, who came down on them like a wrinkly old sack of… bricks, about their use of photos on the website.

They did not take this assault sitting down; with swords and torches drawn, writers fired back, and hopefully, poked the bitter old twunt in the ass with their Mighty Pens of Journalistic Integrity. The expose has a lot interesting information, and provides a fascinating insight into the character of a man who truly believes that he has the power to defeat the undead. Is this guy a lunatic or do you think he’s for real? And did do anything wrong… or is the old coffin dodger just stirring up trouble for no reason?

By annimi

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  1. Sadly, Sean is notorious when it comes to this type of thing. He’s hassled me since 2009 when I interviewed David Farrant, the other Highgate vampire hunter. There is a lengthy list of people who have fallen foul of him, usually because they have dared question his ridiculous claims and found holes in his narrative. But he’s not as bright as he thinks he is. As you use Disqus you may find someone posts in response to this under a name such as Exorcistate, Veritas, Vebjorn Hastefhud, VRS, FoBSM etc. They all have IP addresses that correspond to the same ISP, and very often, the same connection. If you want to know more drop me a line,, I’ve a rather large document I’ve compiled detailing the harassment he has waged against others, including posting their names and addresses on far right wing forums, making out they are anti-nazi activists.

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