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Bram Stoker

Bram Stoker, the father of modern vampires, forever changed the world when he penned Dracula. This legendary author created a masterpiece, one that continues to inspire people today. While most of us have read Dracula, watched the film adaptations and so on, very few know anything about this influential author, so here’s a look into…

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-Still More On Bram Stoker and Vlad Dracula

I initially reported on the discovery made by Dacre Stoker concerning the confirmation that his great-grand uncle Bram consulted, while writing DRACULA, a book called ROUMANIA PAST AND PRESENT by James Samuelson, a book that talks about the historical Dracula (Vlad III, aka “The Impaler”) and a book that we know Stoker read at least…

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Back the Bram Stoker Bronze Bust Project!

Just a couple’a three weeks back I brought you all word of sculptor Bryan Moore’s plan to fashion a bust of the man who gifted the world with the most famous vampire of them all, Count Dracula. The man behind the Count is, of course, Irish author Bram Stoker. Moore intends to place the bust,…

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More On That Book Proving Bram Stoker Knew About The Historical Dracula

Revealed by author Dacre Stoker, great-grand-nephew of Bram Stoker and a gifted storyteller in his own right, Bram Stoker consulted a book entitled ROUMANIA PAST AND PRESENT at the London Library when he was writing his novel DRACULA. This former book makes detailed mention of the historical Dracula, thus proving that Bram *did* know about…

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Reasons to Read: Bram Stoker’s Controversials Friends & Inspiration for Dracula

Ever since Bram Stoker unleashed Dracula on readers in 1897, the undead have been stalking literary and pop culture with abandon. At first it was a slow trickle, as others imitated Stoker on the page, This is a fantastic piece: I get that most of you probably don’t do a whole hell of a lot…

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Any literary purist will tell you that Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 masterpiece (forget THE GODFATHER; it is *this* movie that truly represents the director’s finest work) is not accurately named, in that it includes lots of material that is not in Stoker’s novel. Even so, it is arguably the closest depiction of the book ever…

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From the Pages of Bram Stoker’s Dracula: Harker

No, I am not speaking of the actual novel by the legendary Bram Stoker, but rather, about a comic. “From the Pages of Bram Stoker’s Dracula: Harker” is a comic that came out a while back and was endorsed by an actual descendant of Stoker himself. I recently gave Issue #1 a read, and well,…

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Revisiting the Literary Classics: Bram Stoker’s A DREAM OF RED HANDS

After the LAST story I read from Stoker, THE CHAIN OF DESTINY, which I reviewed (unfavorably) in a separate article this week, I needed to read something from the master to reaffirm my faith in him. Something good. Something other than DRACULA, as my goal in reading and/or rereading Stoker’s other, lesser known works was…

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Bram Stoker’s Death Ship

A long while back I wrote about The Last Voyage of the Demeter, an upcoming film which tells the dark and bloodied tale of the dreaded ship in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Since I haven’t heard anything on the project I thought I’d look into it and see if there’s anything new to report, but unfortunately…

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YES, Bram Stoker DID model Dracula on Vlad the Impaler, Part Two

When Bram Stoker’s personal notes on the writing of DRACULA came to light, Vlad III’s name was conspicuously absent. His FIRST name, that is. Probably that’s why he is never referred to as “Vlad” in the novel. Stoker simply didn’t know that name at the time of the writing. The only book that can be…

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