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Responding to the damnable coronavirus lockdown, with most people stuck at home with nothing to do but watch TV, surf the Internet, read, or—if they are part of a couple—copulate, Universal is releasing THE INVISIBLE MAN and its just-released THE HUNT onto VOD. They might as well. The box office runs of those films are over. The box office runs of all movies currently in theaters are over. At least with the former it was already a certified hit, raking in the rewards for Universal and assuring us—someday—of more Universal Monster movies. We’ll never know how much THE HUNT would have made under normal circumstances.

This isn’t going to do me any good, since I can’t livestream. Why? Because I’m one of those relative few who lives in a rural area. I get my Internet and television through a satellite dish, and my—what’s it called? Bandwidth? Usage? Magical pixelated pixie dust?—is metered. That means there’s only so much of it. Watching movies burns through an entire month’s allotment in no time. Also, it’s slow. Really slow, even under good circumstances, like when it’s not rainy outside. No, I won’t be livestreaming anything. Fortunately I have a large collection of DVDS, including THE INVISIBLE MAN. The original, that is.

TheCheezman • March 18, 2020

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