Seven of the Most Twisted Vampire Murderers

These vampire killers will haunt your dreams.

Most people think of vampires as being romantic: dark, strange men that live hundreds of years, have plenty of cash, and drive around in shiny foreign cars looking for misunderstood emo chicks to fall in love with. What if vampires were… well. More like these guys?

Couples from hell, vampire psychopaths that stalked the streets, killing women and performing combinations of  necrophiliac and hemophiliac sex acts on them, not to mention disemboweling them as well. These are some examples of the kind of vampires that you might have nightmares about. Perhaps not necessarily “dreams”.

By annimi

Ashley writes for,, and other sites in the Darksites Network. She's involved in several seedy and disreputable activities, smokes too much, and spends her late nights procrastinating for work on her first novel.

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