Sexy New Vampire Added to True Blood Season 6

Since True Blood isn’t True Blood without a plethora of totally unnecessary new characters added to the already crowded cast, I have another newbie to announce! I already shared the previous five new additions here. Today we got word of a sixth, a vampire named Wes, a vampire who will be part of yet another love triangle… because those never get old.

truebloodlipsAccording internet gods, Wes will make his first appearance in episode 6×06. Turned during the 1970’s he remains to appear in his mid 20’s. He is being described as a sexy, smart, compassionate, protective, and musically inclined vamp. And at some point he will be naked. But that’s not really news because at some point everyone is naked in True Blood. Even the characters you really do not want to see naked. Everyone.

Anyway, when he comes to Bon Temps he will get involved in a love triangle involving Jason and another vampire.  There is no word on who this vampire will be. Jason did hook up with Jessica in the past, but we don’t know if she’s the one involved in the love triangle. Personally I am surprised Jason is getting involved with any vampires. If I remember correctly, he wasn’t on Team Vampire at the end of Season 5. Right? Hmmm…

But back to Wes. The character’s role will be recurring in Season 6 and reportedly become regular in Season 7 (if there is a Season 7). HBO has yet to set a premiere date for True Blood season 6, however it’ll probably be in June 2013.  And in case you didn’t hear the news before, this season will only be 10 episodes instead of the usual 12.

So what are your thoughts and theories on Wes? Is he another made-up True Blood character or is he from the books (I haven’t read them).

– Moonlight

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