Sexy ‘Vampire Diaries’ and ‘True Blood’ News!

We all know that vampires are damned sexy, but just in case any of you doubted that fact, here’s some new proof for you – a hot and naked True Blood magazine cover,  steamy season two Vampire Diaries’ videos and more. Mmm… I love vampires.

Vampire Diaries’ Promo Video
This is the latest promo video for season two of The Vampire Diaries, and while it’s short, it’s definitely hot. Gotta love that threesome action.

Vampire Diaries’ Season One on DVD
Season one of The Vampire Diaries will be out on DVD August 31 (preorder here)! That may not seem like sexy news, but do you remember all of those hot shirtless scenes? Yea, now you can watch them over and over again. On top of that, there are also a whole bunch of kickass extra features on the DVD:

  • Into Mystic Falls: Bringing Vampire Lore and the High School Experience from Page to Screen
  • When Vampires Don’t Suck!: The Popularity of Vampires and the Fans Who Love Them
  • The Vampire Diaries: A New Breed of Vampires — Casting the Series
  • The Vampire Diaries: Vampires 101 – The Rules of the Vampire
  • Creators/Director pilot commentary
  • Unaired scenes
  • The Vampire Diaries: A Darker Truth Webisodes
  • Second Bite: gag reel
  • Downloadable Audiobook of the Bestselling Novel The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening by L.J. Smith

Season Two Trailer
Not only do we get sexy promo videos for The Vampire Diaries, but we finally have a season two trailer… which features a steamy make out scene.

True Blood’s Nude Cover
Rolling Stone magazine has had loads and loads of covers featuring naked celebs, but none quite as naughty as this one.

As you can see, the cover features Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, and Alexander Skarsgard all naked and covered in blood. Unfortunately, people are already bitching about the cover… losers. We think the cover rocks!

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


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