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This is the only word I can think to describe the hit series by Bella Forrest, “A Shade of Vampire.” I began reading this series last week and I’m already on installment five, “A Blaze of Sun.” There are quite a few books in this series and I’m hoping that there will be many more to come. This series has the romantic vibes from Twilight, with the darkness of “The House of Night” series. If you liked these other series, you will love “A Shade of Vampire!”

**Spoiler Alert!**

If you wish to read the books without any spoilers! Stop reading now!!

Let’s begin with what’s going on in Book 1, “A Shade of Vampire”. When I started reading these books, my interest was immediately piqued by Sofia’s mother. The first few paragraphs, I’m thinking… Camilla is a vampire. When you read on, you find that’s not even the case, she’s just a demented human being. I mean… who locks their young child in a closet for hours upon hours and then pretends that things are all fine and dandy when daddy’s home?! This leads me to believe that she can’t really be crazy, can she? Next we’re thinking, what is up with Sofia? She seems like she could be a vampire, she exhibits vampire characteristics with her extra sensitivity to the outside world. Maybe she is some rare for of a vampire? That can’t be it, because she is in a human body, we know this because she seems to continue to age based on the story telling. Maybe she is some sort of other supernatural creature? I guess we will have to continue to read to find out. Fast forward to the Hudson’s, they are the close family friends that took Sofia in when her father left her and her mother was committed to an asylum. There seems to be more to them than meets the eye, but we’re unsure about that right now. Ben, he’s the lovable boy next door, and Sofia’s current crush before she meets Derek.

Sofia is kidnapped by a handsome vampire, Lucas, who is Derek’s brother. This all goes down on her 17th birthday. HER BIRTHDAY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! She is taken to a secret vampire island called The Shade where she meets the irresistible Derek Novak when Sofia is selected to be a member of his harem. Wait, his harem!? That’s right, what else would an elite member of the vampire community need? Derek, haunted by his dark side, is intrigued and instantly drawn to Sofia upon waking from his 400-year slumber. Lucas, the jealous older brother, seeks out to destroy Derek by getting to him via Sofia.

I thought it might be fun to start a “dream cast” for who would play the characters of “A Shade of Vampire” if I were to see a movie created.

Sofia Claremont – Sophie Turner

Derek Novak – Ian Somerhalder

Ben Hudson – Alex Pettyfer
or Bradley James

Aiden Claremont – Michael Fassbender

Camilla Claremont – Isla Fisher

So – where did we leave off? Yes!! Sofia was taken on her birthday. Let’s fast forward some…Sofia tries to escape after being given some additional freedom that the other members of the “harem” are not allotted. She doesn’t make it very far before Derek finds her, in trouble with some other vampires nonetheless. He tightens the reigns some after that, but not as much as you’d think, he seems to understand why she tried to escape and makes it known that he won’t be so easy on her shall she attempt to do so again. Since Derek has been slumbering the last 400 years he is out of date with technology. Sofia has been tasked with teaching Derek how to use modern day means, such as a cell phone and television. As she spends more time in The Shade with Derek, she seems to succumb to her fate and starts to fall for him. She sees the good in him, where he isn’t sure that side of him even exists any longer. Derek likes being reminded of his “good side” and finds himself more and more immersed in Sofia. Now that Sofia has begun to reach the acceptance stage in her mourning for her life prior to The Shade things seem to be looking up. Then all of the sudden, beautiful, yet sadistic vampire, Claudia makes a visit to prince Derek’s chambers. Wait you say – I didn’t mention he’s a prince you say? Yes, he is said to be the one that is going to bring his kind into some sort of “true sanctuary” at some point. He is destined to lead the vampires, for it has been prophesied. Now back to Claudia…she enters the chambers with her male slave and come to find out – it’s Sofia’s best friend and crush from home, Ben Hudson. This is a game changer! Sofia is no longer able to sit back and accept her fate at The Shade. Seeing Sofia’s fondness for Ben, Derek coerces Claudia into letting him have Ben as his new slave. Begrudgingly, Claudia complies and allows Ben to remain with Derek at his “penthouse”. It is clear to use that Claudia is definitely not happy about giving up the slave she was so fond of, and we are not sure what good could possibly come of this, but the one person that Sofia was missing the most from her old life has now made his way into her “new life”. Sofia is going to have to decide, Ben’s presence will make things really easy to stay, or it could renew her purpose to escape.

So I thought I might add some members to the “dream cast”, and we can also add some pictures as well to describe the living quarters of The Shade.

Claudia would be played by Dianna Agron

Lucas Novak will be played by Hayden Christensen. He’s said to be very handsome too, but has a bit more of the “dark side” in him. I’m sure many can see the irony here. Haha!

Ashley – one of the other key members from the Harem – would be played by Ashley Benson

I imaged the penthouses to be similar to these luxurious tree houses –

More to come!!

What do you think?

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