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When I was growing up, my life centered on a few things: comic books and professional wrestling; superheroes and Horror movies; Saturday morning and weekday afternoon cartoons; toys, this latter focusing on one of the abovementioned. Now that I’m an adult—physically—yeah, nothing has really changed, except that they don’t show cartoons on Saturdays or weekday afternoons anymore. And I don’t follow wrestling the way I did back then. Kayfabe was destroyed for me after I saw so many of the guys I loved to watch as a little boy die early deaths due to steroids, drugs, tragedy, all linked to the business of wrestling. I lost the ability to buy into the illusion. I’m still a mark, sure, but today I view it as a showman watching other showmen putting on a show. My wide-eyed innocence is gone.

Anyway, I’m getting off my intended subject. Today my life still revolves around superheroes and Horror. But which one takes preeminence? How could I ever decide? Thanks to the movie studios, I’m going to have to. SHAZAM and PET SEMATARY are releasing on the same freakin’ day, April 5th. Barring influence from some outside factor—say if one of the two got really lousy reviews from trusted sources—with both films being on equal footing—which one will I choose? Sure, I’ll see them both (again, assuming they get good reviews), but which one will I see *first*?

If I’m honest, I think I’m a little more excited for the PET SEMATARY remake.

I’ve already bought a SHAZAM action figure, though, so there’s that.

TheCheezman • March 3, 2019

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