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Sherilynn Kenyon Says Husband Tried To Poison Her

The line between Horror and True Crime is a thin one to begin with. For me, reading details of a True Crime case is the classic Mythic (note the capital M) battle of good versus evil shrunken down to its most basic, distilled to its essence, the Cosmic on the scale of the mundane. Banal human beings playing with the two conflicting themes of Universal truth. It’s grand mythology on a human scale. And given the horrific nature of crime—I have no interest in robbery, in white collar anything, in street crime. It is sex and violence that captivates. Such cases get right to the deepest heart of it all, the primal, animalistic motivations of human beings.—it isn’t surprising that many if not most Horror buffs are also into True Crime.

I haven’t read any of the works of novelist Sherilynn Kenyon. Her DARK HUNTER series of books come across to me as just a tad too Twilight-y, although the premise does sound more interesting to me; also it is possible that Kenyon actually can write above a junior high level. It’s cool when the worlds of Horror fiction and True Crime intersect, though. Kenyon has filed suit against her husband Lawrence and his personal assistant for force-feeding her poison in an attempt to kill her. He supposedly had a big fat life insurance policy out on her. Why she is suing him as opposed to this case being handled by the police isn’t clear from this linked article.

TheCheezman • March 24, 2019

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